About Victoria 

Victoria is a Trainee Physiologist currently working towards accreditation as a GI Physiologist. In 2013 she completed a Bachelor of Nursing in Brisbane, Australia and in 2015 completed a 12-month Graduate Program at the Mater Private Hospital specialising in Oncology. She continued working as a Registered Nurse until moving to London in March 2016. Victoria joined The Functional Gut Clinic team in April 2016 and began training under Dr Anthony Hobson and his team. She currently performs a wide range of gastro-intestinal physiological services which included hydrogen and methane breath testing, IBSchek and is currently working towards full competency of oesophageal manometry, 24 hour pH impedance studies, anorectal manometry and endoanal ultrasound.

If you have any queries or questions then please email us at admin@thefunctionalgutclinic.com