H.Pylori (C-Urea) Breath Test 

Your doctor may arrange for you to have a test to check for the presence of a stomach bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. It has been linked as a factor in the cause of stomach inflammation and ulcers which can lead to symptoms of dyspepsia.




Do I need to do anything before my appointment?

Unless your consultant tells you otherwise, you should stop all stomach medication; proton pump inhibitors (Losec, Nexium etc) for five days before the test, H2 receptor antagonists (Zantac, Tagamet etc) for two days before the test and antacids (Gaviscon, Milk of Magnesia etc) for one day before the test. You should also stop all pro-motility agents (Domperidone, Azithromycin etc) two days before the test. You may take all other essential medicines, but if in doubt please ask us.

You should not have anything to eat for 6-hours before the study (from midnight if you appointment is before 12pm). You can drink up to 250mls of water (half a pint) on the morning of your study. Otherwise, you do not need to do anything before your arrival at the Unit.

Do I need to bring anyone with me?

No. There is no reason why the tests should have any adverse effects. However, you are welcome to bring along somebody for support if you so require.

What will happen when I arrive for my appointment?

You will be asked some questions relating to the symptoms you may have been having. We will then explain the procedure to you and you will be asked to sign a consent form, giving us permission to do the tests.

There are no known risks involved in performing the tests.

What will I need to do for the tests?

In order for us to carry out the tests you will need to provide breath samples (by blowing into a foil bag. You will then drink roughly 200ml of orange juice containing an inert (safe) chemical which is digested with the drink and excreted by the lungs when you breathe out. By measuring how much of the chemical is in your breath over time we can estimate whether the bacteria is present or not. The test takes about 45-mins and results will usually be ready by the next day.

Why are these tests needed?

This test is an important part of the investigation and the future management of your stomach condition. The result assists your doctor in planning appropriate treatment for you so it is important for you to keep your appointment.

If you have any queries about the tests please contact Dr Anthony Hobson on 07850 114 966.