Global outreach Symposium on IBS and SIBO

Dr Anthony Hobson is delighted to contribute to this important event and give his views about the UK perspective on IBS and SIBO.

Full event will be available Live online:

Saturday, 5th November 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM (Pacific Time).

Comprehensive review of the latest information on IBS and SIBO

Our agenda will be tailored to cover the newest developments on IBS and SIBO. We will be presenting in-depth topics that include the most recent and relevant information from around the world with leading experts in the field. We have developed a comprehensive program geared toward empowering patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals who are dealing with the chronic effects of IBS and SIBO.

Live online questions and answers with expert panel throughout the duration of the event

Whether you are in Europe or sitting in the conference room in Los Angeles, all participants will have the opportunity to send questions to be answered by the expert panel. This interactive Q&A panel will be hosted while speakers are presenting, in addition to the audience Q&A in the agenda.

Experiences from experts around the world: doctors, dieticians and patients

We will be sharing experiences from doctors around the world, but also the experiences of a dietician and the opportunity to hear the voice of an IBS patient.

The GI Motility Program at Cedars-Sinai has come to be one of the largest motility programs in the US, and largest in the Western US. Patients travel from around the country and internationally to be evaluated by our program specialists.  For 15 years the program has supplemented major research discoveries and result-based treatment therapies for patients who suffer from persistent IBS. The program’s world-renowned reputation for successful treatment outcomes is the driving force that compels patients to seek consultation with our motility specialists.

Motility research has made major scientific developments pioneered by Dr. Pimentel, his colleagues, and a team of exceptional research laboratory staff. In recent years the research team has discovered that Irritable Bowel Syndrome alters intestinal microbial balance and methane produced in the gut by specific microbes produces constipation. Additionally, the research team has found that the reversal of constipation can be seen with directed antibiotics against methane production, which legitimizes the use of antibiotics to treat persistent IBS. Prior to these discoveries, IBS was considered a psychological condition.

Our objective is to raise awareness and give a broader understanding of the systemic nature of IBS and SIBO to the listening audience.

Awareness of IBS has increased exponentially worldwide, so we will continue with the theme of hosting this event via live-stream to produce another interactive webcast. To facilitate this effort a team of GI experts will come together to present relevant information. At this symposium we will also introduce the latest SIBO testing methods.

Registrations are offered at affordable rates for both on-site and webinar delegates.

Will have opportunity for Meet-and-Greet symposium presenters, participate in Q & A sessions, and enjoy a fully catered continental breakfast, snacks during breaks, and a delightful lunch menu- All food items have been carefully prepared and selected by Chef Beatrice (Le Cordon Bleu alumnus).

The entire meeting will be livestreamed, with interactive web audience participation. Additionally, for your viewing leisure the recorded webcast will be available for 6 months after the event. Pre-approved access will be granted to webcast registrants only.

Event Agenda 


To register you place please clink here: 2016 GLOBAL OUTREACH SYMPOSIUM ON IBS and SIBO

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