Your consultant may refer you for a number of gastrointestinal investigations:

  • Breath testing for SIBO, carbohydrate intolerances
  • Oesophageal Manometry Impedance (Oesophageal function testing)
  • 24 hour pH Impedance monitoring (Reflux testing)
  • Anorectal Manometry & endoanal ultrasound (Assessment of back passage function and anatomy)
  • Biofeedback therapy
  • Intestinal transit studies
  • Gastric emptying studies
  • Urea Breath Test (H.pylori breath test)
  • IBSchek Blood test
  • Dietetic services

These investigations provide important information that allow your consultant to formulate a treatment plan to help manage your condition.  

Your consultant can write a referral letter to us at either our London or Manchester clinic:

The Pinnacle - 9th Floor 

73-79 King Street,
M2 4NG

22 Upper Wimpole Street,


Does the patient need to travel to London?

Patient's for hydrogen methane breath testing can either attend either our clinic in London, Manchester or alternatively can perform the test at home via a postal breath test kit. Full instructions on how to perform the home test will be provided and telephone support given. A video showing how we do a breath test can been seen below. 

How do I get my results? 

Results are emailed, faxed or posted to both the referring consultant/GP and the patient. 

Emma Visits The Function Gut Clinic for a Hydrogen Breath Test.

Watch this short video below that shows what patients can expect from a visit to the clinic.