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  • The Functional Gut Clinic" is instrumental in the treatment, education and service of patients with functional GI disorders in the UK. Dr. Hobson and his team are incredible.
    Dr. Mark Pimentel, MD GI Motility Director Cedars- Sinai Medical CenterDr. Mark Pimentel

    MD GI Motility Director Cedars- Sinai Medical Center

  • Samantha in Endoscopy was extremely professional and helpful. She made me feel very comfortable and is a credit to your department.
    Penny J. (Patient)

    University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire

  • Dr Hobson is very passionate about his work and that passiontranslates into quality care for his patients. He has a calm, friendly and reassuring manner that puts you at ease.
    Alison (Patient)
  • Thanks to Dr Hobson and everyone at the Functional Gut Clinic. Thewhole team is very kind and generous and they are doing things thatare cutting edge and they actually get results.
    Pam (Patient)

Our Staff

Dr. Anthony Hobson

Consultant Clinical Scientist & Clinical Director

Samantha Leach

Clinical Gastro-Intestinal Physiologist

Mark Scott
Dr Mark Scott

Director of Lower GI Physiology

Andres Vales

Clinical Gastro-Intestinal Physiologist